Elementary Magnet Schools Opt-Out Procedures


Students who reside in the Charter Oak or Smith attendance zone have the option to request to attend another elementary school on a space available basis. The district currently provides transportation for students who optout of Charter Oak to Webster Hill and for students who opt-out of Smith to Whiting Lane. Depending on the 2017-18 budget, that practice may or may not continue. For all other schools, parents must provide transportation.

Students who reside in the Charter Oak attendance zone will be allowed to opt-out to a school with space available among Braeburn, Duffy, Webster Hill, or Wolcott schools.

Students who reside in the Smith attendance zone will be allowed to opt-out to a school with space available among Aiken, Bugbee, Morley, Norfeldt or Whiting Lane schools.

While parents may request a specific school, the final selection of the school will be at the sole discretion of the superintendent.

Factors that the superintendent, or his/her designee, will consider in the placing of students include:

  1.  Available space in the school/grade level requested.
  2. Presence of sibling(s) at the opt-out school.

Once the opt-out request has been granted, the student will be able to stay in the new school through the remainder of his/her elementary years as long as the family continues to reside in the Charter Oak/Smith attendance zone.

How do I request an opt-out placement?

You must fill out the Opt-Out Request Form. These forms are available at Charter Oak International Academy, Smith STEM, and at the Residency Office, room 134, Town Hall.

When must the opt-out request be submitted?

The opt-out request must be submitted by 4 p.m. on May 19, 2017 to the Residency Office, room 134, Town Hall, for opt-out consideration in the 2017 - 18 school year. Any requests made after this deadline must be sent directly to:

Dr. Andrew Morrow
Assistant Superintendent for Administration
50 South Main Street, West Hartford, CT 06107

Include a letter indicating the circumstances that you believe warrant an extension of the deadline.

When will the opt-out request be acted upon?

The school district will make every effort to inform parents by the end of June 2017. However, circumstances may require notification to be delayed until late August 2017. Your notification will consist of which opt-out school your child may attend and whether or not transportation will be provided.

What if I want to opt–out to another magnet school?

You may not opt-out to another magnet school. If you are interested in attending another magnet school (Charter Oak or Smith), you must apply for that magnet school through the magnet school lottery process which commences in mid-January, 2017.

Magnet School Opt-Out Request Form For 20**-20** School Year

For further information, please contact:

Carolyn Perkins

Executive Assistant