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School Registration and Residency

School Registration and Residency Office:

Town Hall Building
50 South Main Street
Room: 162
West Hartford, CT 06107

Phone: 860 561-6620
Fax: 860 561- 6928

Tanya Rossy

Lead Secretary

Sarea Goudarzy


School registrations are being processed online and proof of residency is done by emailing to residency@whps.org or fax 860-561-6928.

PLEASE NOTE: Please complete the two part online registration process first before sending documents to the Residency Office. (Please enter child's name and school in subject line when emailing documents to residency@whps.org)

All registrations require the following:

  1. your proof of residency (mortgage statement or current lease agreement with signatures with the Landlord or Property Management contact info)
  2. utility bill showing service address(no older than 30 days-not mail in coupon portion)  If you have not received a utility bill yet, you may call CNG at (860) 524-8361 or Eversource at (800) 286-2000 and have them email or fax a Confirmation of Service to our office.
  3. your child's birth certificate if born in the US or  passport/visa/permanent resident card if born outside of the US
  4. your valid photo identification (ID)

*** please note the Residency Office may require other documentation***

The Health/Immunization records will go directly to the school your child will be attending.

To make an appointment to visit the Residency Office, please call 860-561-6620.

In addition, to begin school, you will need to provide your school with health information, including current physical and immunization records. This needs to be supplied on the State of CT HAR form.


Which schools will my child/children attend?

This interactive GIS Mapping System is for informational purposes only. 

Property Quick Search: From the upper right of the map, you can perform a quick search of an address. Click to select a property on the map and additional information will display, including middle, and high school districts. Zoom out to see the elementary school districts as a color overlay on the map.

Contact the Residency office to confirm which district your street belongs to: 860 561-6620