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The West Hartford Public Schools boast a rich tapestry of diversity and culture. 

Vision for Equity and Anti-Racism WHPS One Community for Equity 

We, the members of West Hartford Public Schools, dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of equity. Equitable schools are those that value and honor ALL in our community as unique individuals capable of maximizing their true potential. We make a solemn promise to identify and dismantle all elements of systemic racism and historical inequities. We vow to clear paths, with a relentless duty to those in traditionally marginalized groups. We pledge to partner with ALL families in the service of the success of each child. 

The work of the district's Equity and Diversity Council (EDC) supports our commitment to advance equity, honor diversity and foster inclusiveness in all areas of our district's programs, practice and services.

Cultural Competence Continuum

Cultural Consciousness:
Understanding of one’s own
cultural identity, bias, prejudices and experiences of both privilege and marginalization 

Cultural Responsiveness:
Commitment to the continuous improvement of skills, knowledge and personal growth needed to establish meaningful connection with people from various cultural backgrounds

Cultural Advocacy:
Lifelong commitment to
action that supports
equity in each school

Cultural Competence Continuum
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Theresa Rangel

Executive Director of Equity Advancement

Shaena Gray

Family and Community Engagement Coordinator

Amy Yarbrough

Open Choice Family Liaison

BOE Educational Equity Policy - 1800

West Hartford Public Schools (WHPS) is committed to the continuous work to establish and sustain an equitable school community.  Learn more.