Equity and Diversity Council (EDC)

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West Hartford Public Schools continues to see steady changes in our racial, ethnic and socio-economic demographics and embraces the richness that diversity brings.

The Equity and Diversity Council (EDC) currently exists as a faculty and staff advisory that seeks to promote equity, advance diversity, and foster inclusiveness, acceptance, mutual respect and support, civility and non-discrimination across all areas of our district’s programs and services. The work of the EDC is aligned with the WHPS’ mission and vision for Clear Paths. Bright Futures. No Limits

The EDC is a district-wide structure that serves to develop systemic approaches to enhancing our policies, practices, programs and the teaching and learning process. To this end, the EDC aims to ensure equitable opportunities and support for each and every student. Further, the EDC applies a real-time equity lens to closely examine Board policies and identify impact for opportunities and barriers.

For more information about the Equity and Diversity Council, or ways to get involved, please contact Roszena Haskins.

Cultural Competence Continuum

Cultural Consciousness:
Understanding of one’s own
cultural identity, bias, prejudices and experiences of both privilege and marginalization 

Cultural Responsiveness:
Commitment to the continuous improvement of skills, knowledge and personal growth needed to establish meaningful connection with people from various cultural backgrounds

Cultural Advocacy:
Lifelong commitment to
action that supports
equity in each school

Cultural Competence Continuum
Cultural Competence Continuum

CT Cultural Competence Standards for Professional Learning: 

Professional learning that enhances both educator practice and outcomes for each and every student facilitates educators’ self-examination of their awareness, knowledge, skills, and actions that pertain to culture and how they can develop their culturally-responsive strategies to enrich the educational experiences for all students. 

The Culturally Responsive Teaching toolkit is accessible via WHPS- Best Practices in Cultural Pedagogy
or https://www.schoology.com. The code to join is 2FN2V-GT64R. Click on 'Resources' in the left hand column.

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Roszena Haskins

Director of Diversity Advancement


Aiken: Charlotte Wisniewski

Braeburn: Mary Bohn

Bugbee: Jenny Dorl, Elizabeth Bianco, and Liz Nascimento

Charter Oak: Melissa Zych

Duffy: Gayle Campbell

Morley: Dave Barrieau and Jenny Dorl

Norfeldt: Jessica Johnson

Smith: Mary Richardson

Webster Hill: TBD

Whiting Lane: Thej Singh

Wolcott: Amy Fisher

Bristow: Steve Cook

King Philip: Scott Ratchford

Sedgwick: Kristy Wronowski

Hall: Shelley Solomon and Ben Norland

Conard: Abby Esposito

Central Office: Roszena Haskins and Amy Yarbrough

Community: Gale Shapiro

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