Plant and Facilities

The Plant & Facilities Services Department is responsible for the management and maintenance of all school and town buildings. The Department performs or manages all repairs, preventive maintenance, custodial services, and project planning using skilled in-house staff and contracted service providers.

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Building Rentals

It shall be the policy of the Board of Education to encourage the community use of school facilities when such use does not conflict with school activities or proper administration of school property.

The Plant & Facilities Services department is in charge of coordinating the rental of school facilities. Rentals are granted based on the regulations in School Code - Policy Number 1250.

To obtain permission for rentals please abide by the following procedures:

  • Contact Plant & Facilities at 860-561-7920 to determine if your group is eligible for rental.
  • Contact the administration office of the school you wish to rent for space availability. Call the Plant & Facilities office after securing a space from the school.
  • Complete the application rental form and insurance (Appendix B) and tax exempt forms (if applicable). Return completed forms to the Plant Services Office via Fax # 860-561-8141 or e-mail

Note: Filling out the request for rental form does not mean acceptance for rental by School Department.
Please refer to School Code - Policy Number 1250 for detailed information.


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Fire Safety Reminders

  • Do not hang any items from fire sprinkler pipes.
  • No storage permitted within 18 inches of ceilings if building has a fire sprinkler system.
  • No hanging of curtains or other obstacles that would interfere with the water spray pattern of the fire sprinkler system.
  • No hanging or display of curtains or other fabrics unless treated with fire retardant spray
  • No storage of supplies in assembly spaces such as auditoriums, cafeterias and gymnasiums.
  • No placement or storage of furniture or other items in hallways, egress routes or exit doors.  In corridors, a six foot wide path needs to be maintained at all times. 
  • In general, desks, tables, chairs, audio/visual carts, storage cabinets, etc., should not be stored or utilized in corridors. In some instances, items can be placed in hallways as long as the six foot corridor is maintained and the items are physically secured so that they do not hinder egress during an evacuation. It is highly recommended that these items not be placed in the hallways.
  • In auditoriums, chorus risers, pianos and other items can not obstruct the path of egress, especially in front of stages or platforms. Additional temporary seating can not be placed in egress aisles.
  • Fire doors to stairwells, areas of assembly (auditoriums, cafeterias, and gymnasiums), kitchens, boiler rooms, storage rooms can not be propped open.
  • Classroom doors need to be closed when the room is evacuated and when the room is unoccupied.
  • Storage in boiler rooms is permitted for non-combustible items only. Items need to be stored a safe distance away from any heat source.
  • Storage in electrical switch rooms and/or locations with transformers is not recommended
  • Storage in mechanical rooms is permitted. Items need to be stored a safe distance away from any heat source.
  • A three foot distance needs to be maintained in front of any electrical panel, whether in a classroom, storage room, etc.
  • If the fire alarm sounds and it is not a planned drill or test of the system, the school office needs to contact West Hartford Fire Department directly at 860 523-5203. Otherwise, WHFD will respond with the flow of traffic.

Kathy Aniolowski

Administrative Assistant

Catherine Diviney

Energy Manager

Paul Edlund

Manager of Building Services

Michael Longo

Manager of Maintenance Services

Nora Martin

Account Clerk

Robert Palmer

Director of Plant and Facilities

Catherine Rose

Service Response Manager