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Using the Student Portal

Launch a web browser (Chrome, Safari or FireFox) and visit: whps.powerschool.com

Contact the main office of your school for Username and Password information. Key in your username and password and click on the Sign In button. The first time you sign in the system will prompt you to change your password. Key in your current password and then a new password twice. Then click on Enter.

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The navigation bar is on the left side of every page in the Portal. There are several icons (pictures) with descriptions next to them. When you click on an icon it will take you to the page with the information described. Your name is displayed in the top right corner, along with a link for Help and Sign Out to click when you are ready to exit the portal. There is also a Printer icon for you to print a printer-friendly version of what you are viewing.

The following icons are currently on the system but may change during the year:

grades and attendance

Grades and Attendance. When you click on the Grades and Attendance icon a screen will show you your schedule with attendance for 2 weeks on the left and totals on the right as well as grades. There is a legend on the bottom of the screen with the codes and descriptions of absence types and citizenship. Anything you see in blue is a link that you can click on that will take you to another screen with detail information. The teacher names under the courses have email links but your web browser must be configured to automatically open your email application. You will see the teacher’s email address in the bottom left corner of your screen when you put the cursor on the name. If you click on a grade, it will display gradebook information. To go back to the previous screen, click on the Grades and Attendance icon. If you click on a number under Absences it will display detail information for the quarter. A row that is gray designates a class that is not current.

grade history

Grade History. This screen will display your grades for each year with the amount of credits earned under Hrs which stands for Credit Hours. Gradebook information can also be viewed by clicking on a grade for the past 2 years only since we did not have Power Teacher in previous years. Standards Grades History will be implemented next year.

attendance history

The Attendance History screen will display your attendance for this year with the Legend explaining the codes on the bottom of the screen. Dashes indicate a class is not in session.


teacher comments

Teacher Comments. The Teacher Comments screen will have comments per class regarding achievement, citizenship and behavior.


class registration

Class Registration. This icon will be present when the schools are scheduling for the next school year. It is for course requests.


account preferences

Account Preferences. To change your Password you will need to key in the current password and then key in the new one twice.


honor roll

Honor Roll. View all Honor Roll terms for this student.


my schedule

My Schedule. Click to view student schedule.


next years schedule

Next Year's Schedule. This screen will display information about your schedule next year.



school info

School Information. This screen will display information about the school address, phone numbers, email addresses and term dates.


When you are finished viewing your information, it is important to remember to click on the Sign Out link in the top right hand corner of the screen. For more information, view additional resources.