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Navigating the PowerSchool Parent & Student Portal

After creating your parent account and adding your eligible students, these are the navigation options you may see in the Portal. Not all options will be available at every school.

grades and attendance

Grades and Attendance. Click to view student grades and attendance for the current term.


grade history

Grade History. Click to view student grades for previous terms.


attendance history

Attendance History. Click to view attendance history for the current term.


email notification

Email Notification. Click to set the e-mail notifications you can receive on a regular basis.


teacher comments

Teacher Comments. Click to view any teacher comments.


class registration

Class Registration. Click to register for classes and view course requests.



Ecollect Forms. Click to view/submit any available electronic forms.


school bulletin

School Bulletin. Click to view the current school bulletin.


my schedule

My Schedule. Click to view student schedule.


account preferences

Account Preferences. Click to manage your PowerSchool Student and Parent portal account preferences.


requests and recommendations

Requests and Recommendations. View course requests and recommendations for the current scheduling year.


honor roll

Honor Roll. View all Honor Roll terms for this student.