Cyber Compass


Technology Topics

4 Cs - Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking

4 Cs - Introduction

5 Ways to Make YouTube Safer for Kids

5 Ways to Stop Cyberbullies

Blooms Digital Taxonomy

Cell Phone Survival Guide

Connected Culture Animation

Creating Online Identities

Cyberbullying Case Tutorial

Cyberbullying Prevention Guide for Kids

Dealing with Digital Harassment

Digital Footprint

Digital Life 101 Animation

Digital Life Parent/Teacher Intro Video

Distraction, Multitasking &Time Management Case Tutorial

Feeling on Display

Friday Night Lights Video Clips

Making Mashups

Mindful Messaging

Online Targeting and Tracking Animation

Online Identity Guide for Kids

Oversharing: Think Before You Post

Our Digital Lives

Pause & Think Online

Posting Something You Regret

Rebecca Black Video Case Study

Texting and Driving

The Truth About Sexting

Using Digital Citizenship Videos with Students

Your Digital Life

When Messages Spread

Grades K-2

Adapting Digital Citizenship to Elementary ESL Students

Elementary School Curriculum Training

Follow the Digital Trail

My Online Neighborhood

Teaching Email Etiquette

What is the Internet?

Grades 3-5 

Improving Research Skills with Effective Keywords


Online Searching

Power of Words

Super Digital Citizen

Talking Safely Online

Grades 6-8 

Creating a Snapshot of Digital Media Use

Cyberbulling: What's Crossing the Line?

Discussing Digital Drama

The Good and Bad of Using Different Online Personas

High School Curriculum Training

Making Digital Citizenship Personal

Middle School Curriculum Training

Online Talk: What's Safe and What's Risky

Understanding "Fair Use in a Digital World

Understanding the Impact of Digital Footprintes

Using Animoto to Create a "Digital Life Simile"

Using Critical Thinking to Find Trustworthy Websites

Grades 9-12 

Being Real Online

Copyright and Fair Use Animation

Copyrighting Creative Work

Copyrights and Wrongs

Digital Life High School Parent/Teacher Intro Video

Exploring the Concept of Online Privacy

Making Fun of Others Online

Perspectives on Chatting Safely Online

Perspectives on Social Media

Pride in Your Digital Footprint

Private Today, Public Tomorrow

Second Thoughts on Sexting

Sexting and Relationships

When Rumors Escalate