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BYOD Parent/Student User Agreement


1. Any student who wishes to use a personally owned electronic device within West Hartford Public Schools must:  Read and sign with parent/guardian, Submit signed agreement to homeroom teacher/Advisor.

2. The student takes full responsibility for his or her device.  The school is not responsible for the security of the device. Each school will develop guidelines for acceptable use.

3. The student is responsible for the proper care of his or her personal device, including any costs of repair, replacement or any modifications needed to use the device at school.

4. The school reserves the right to inspect a student’s personal device if there is reason to believe that the student has violated WHPS School Board policies, administrative procedures, school rules or has engaged in other misconduct while using their personal device. West Hartford Public Schools reserve the right to monitor BYOD activity while using the district network.

5. Violations of any WHPS School Board policies, administrative procedures or school rules involving a student’s personally owned device may result in the loss of use of the device in school and/or disciplinary action.

6. The student must comply with all staff requests regarding their use of electronic devices (e.g., bring to class, shut down, put away, hand to staff).

7. The student will not be allowed to charge their device while at school without permission of a teacher or staff. 

8. The student may not use the device to record, transmit or post photos or video of a person or persons on campus. Nor can any images or video recorded at school be transmitted or posted at any time without the express permission of a teacher.

9. During school hours the student should only use their device to access classroom related activities or within established school guidelines.  Accessing classroom related activities on a mobile device looks like:

  • The device is used only for academic purposes
  • The device is on the desk and visible to everyone in the classroom
  • The device is only used when the teacher prompts students
  • When accessing audio content, earbuds are used
  • The device is NOT under the desk or hidden while in use

10.  The student will use the “WHPS_Wifi” wireless network while in school. Use of 3G & 4G wireless connections is not allowed. 

As a student I understand and will abide by the above policy and guidelines. I further understand and will abide by the above policy and guidelines. I further understand that any violation of the above may result in the loss of my network and/or device privileges as well as other disciplinary action. 

As a parent I understand that my child will be responsible for abiding by the above policy and guidelines. I have read and discussed them with her/him and they understand the responsibility they have in the use of their personal device.

Student and parent signature are required.