Budget and Business

What We Do

  • Development of annual school budget
  • Management of all accounting operations
  • Preparation, analysis and reporting on the condition of all funds through financial statements
  • Management of student activity funds
  • Preparation of all financial and related reports to state and federal agencies as required (i.e. State ED001, State Retirement Reports)
  • Management of budget, spending controls, grants, and special programs; work with independent audit firm
  • Management and budget activities for the Health/Medical Program Risk Management Fund
  • Fixed asset management
  • Hazard Communication Program administration
  • Purchasing, authorization and payment of invoices
  • Administration of employee benefits
  • Property and liability insurance
  • Workers' Compensation and Unemployment Compensation
  • Payroll preparation; employee attendance
  • In-service training; safety programs
  • Management of the food service operation
  • Management of the print shop and duplication services and survey completion

Services We Provide

Under the oversight of the Assistant Superintendent for Administration, the administrator (with the assistance of a budget analyst, accountant, print shop manager, secretary, and clerical staff) completes all tasks and responsibilities as outlined in the service description.

Examples of the scope of operation include:

  • Development and management of 36 budgets within the General Fund
  • Managing 50 specially funded accounts
  • Accounting and statistical modeling in the Risk Management Fund
  • Processing 12,000 purchase requisitions and vouchers, 25,000 invoices from more than 1,200 vendors
  • Preparation of semi-monthly and bi-weekly payrolls, and deductions for all professional and non-professional employees


Budget and Business Office Staff

Donna Fiondella-Murphy

Lead Secretary

Jane Roy

Budget Analyst

Nutrition Services

Tim Prosinski

Food Services Director

Lisa Farrah

Administrative Assistant

Wendy Ashe


Laurie Ferreira

School Cafeteria Manager for Conard High

Elizabeth Plant

School Cafeteria Area Manager for Charter Oak, Duffy, Morley, Webster Hill, Whiting Lane & Bristow

Sara Portal

School Cafeteria Manager for Aiken, Braeburn, Bugbee, Smith, Norfeldt, and Wolcott Schools

Fernanda Rodrigues

School Cafeteria Manager for Hall High School

Kathy Skuba

School Cafeteria Manager for King Philip Middle School

Ellen Sutak

School Cafeteria Manager for Sedgwick Middle School


Sandra DeCelles

Account Clerk


Gillian Masse

Payroll Specialist

Laura Rosano

Benefits Specialist
teacher with students