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Professional Growth Form Guidelines

  • Complete the Professional Growth Form in its entirety and submit to the Human Resources Office for pre-approval prior to the start of your course(s).
  • Attach course description(s) and/or degree program information when submitting for pre-approval.
  • The Professional Growth Form requires your signature and that of your evaluator under the "Preliminary Approval" section. Please be sure these signatures are provided prior to submitting to Human Resources for pre-approval. 
  • Include a brief statement describing how this course or program will impact your teaching ability. This statement must be included when submitting for pre-approval. 
  • The current WHEA bargaining agreement allows for no more than three distance learning/on-line credits for salary advancement beyond the Master's degree. 
  • Salary advancement for professional growth purposes is granted in September of each year. Courses or degree programs completed after September will impact salary for the following school year.