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The West Hartford Public Schools has a longstanding tradition of excellence, and the value that our community places on educating our children is much appreciated. We have a history of working together, as teachers and administrators, to enhance the education of our students. This document is the result of a collaboration between our professionals, from across all spectra of teaching and leadership, in the form of our Professional Learning and Evaluation Committee (PLEC), which has gone on for well over five years. The dedication of these professionals, and this unique partnership, has resulted in a process that will, ultimately, improve teaching and strengthen student learning. This is our West Hartford plan, created by our own professionals, and I believe that it will bring great results.

The key element in all successful evaluation instruments, is the reflective process that leads to discussions about what we are doing, how we are teaching, and the degree to which our students are meeting success. It is imperative that we are honest with each other in our efforts to improve our performance. Teaching is incredibly nuanced and difficult work, and the more that we share with each other about our practice, the more we learn from each other and the better off our students will be. Our children deserve the very best, and our community demands it.

Every child in West Hartford deserves to experience great teaching and learning—in every classroom, in every school, every single day. When we all collaborate in analyzing results, reflecting on our practice, honestly discussing what is helping our students, and where we can grow as professionals, we all benefit. I believe that this plan will continue, and accentuate, our long tradition of educator excellence. Thank you for your commitment to our profession, and our children.