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The West Hartford Public Schools (WHPS) welcomes students and families opting for remote instruction to the Remote Learning Experience (RLE) handbook, viewable below. The RLE handbook was created in response to the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) directive for all public school districts to offer families the choice for students to receive their education remotely as a temporary option for the 2020-2021 school-year. To access the CSDE’s guidance, please open this link. To ensure students have a successful educational experience through remote learning, families should become acquainted with all aspects of the program to understand the program’s objectives, features, structures, and components of the program that may be different from traditional, in-school, education. No matter how students receive their education, WHPS is dedicated to its mission to “inspire and prepare all students.”  WHPS remains committed to providing its remote learning students with high quality learning experiences and support. 

The choice to elect remote learning is completely voluntary. It is important that all families understand the temporary nature of the remote option. CSDE may change their policy directive during the course of the year should public health data determine that there is no longer a need for this temporary option. In this case, all students would receive their education in a school building. Further, it is important to note, the remote option will not replicate all of the same experiences students would have if they were present in a WHPS school building. Finally, remote schooling is a stand-alone service. That is to say, students cannot blend some remote schooling with in-person schooling.


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