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Teacher Education and Mentoring (TEAM) Program


Teachers in the TEAM Program hold a CT initial or interim initial educator certificate in a subject area applicable to TEAM and are teaching in a subject area compliant with their certification endorsement.

The timespan of the TEAM program is typically intended to be two years, with an additional year possible for extenuating circumstances. Upon completion of the TEAM program, teachers may apply to proceed to the second step in the CT teacher certification progression, a provisional teaching certificate.

The Teacher Education and Mentoring (TEAM) Program, which began September 2010 and is defined by Connecticut Statute, mandates that districts provide new teachers with support in the early years of their professional career. In West Hartford, TEAM is a district-managed professional development experience which includes guided support and coaching from a trained TEAM mentor and exploration of five areas of the Common Core of Teaching (Classroom Environment, Planning for Instruction, Instructional Practices, Assessment of Learning and Professional Responsibility) through completion of instructional modules in a locally developed format. TEAM modules are completed in a district-designed format that is aligned with local expectations, scored locally, and submitted through the district’s TEAM Google Classroom.

WHPS TEAM orientation meetings provide new teachers and mentors with a thorough introduction to the district’s TEAM program. Additional opportunities for face-to-face and remote collaboration and support are available to new teachers and their TEAM mentors throughout the academic year. Resources are shared through the district’s TEAM Google classroom.

Matthew West

District Facilitator for TEAM