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Job Shadow Program

Career Pathways

In collaboration with School Counseling and Advisory homeroom, students will work to establish a four-year Student Success Plan (SSP) based on their career aspirations and interests. The SSP guides students toward instruction and skills development that align with college and career preparation.

Visual Arts
Music and Per Arts
Business and Finance
Health Sciences

A Job Shadow is an opportunity to observe someone doing their job. These are conducted at actual places of work and allow for interaction with staff and through a variety of activities. Here is enrollment information to start your Student Request Form.

Job Shadow Process:

Start here with the Student Request Form. This will be forwarded to the School-to-Careers Partnership Coordinator to begin your journey. 

Next, complete the Student Career Research Form. This will help the Coordinator plan your Job Shadow placement.

Once your application is in progress you will be forwarded a Parent/Guardian and Student Permission Slip.

Lastly, upon completion of your Job Shadow you will be asked to complete a Student Evaluation Form. Complete this to finalize your experience.

If you are a local business interested in hosting a student job shadow, please email Maryanne Taft, our School-To-Careers Partnership Coordinator.

Thank you for your interest in the Job Shadow Program.