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School-to-Careers Partnership Program

Bringing schools, businesses, and organizations together to create exciting career exploration opportunities for students.

Career Pathways

In collaboration with School Counseling and Advisory homeroom, students will work to establish a four-year Student Success Plan (SSP) based on their career aspirations and interests. The SSP guides students toward instruction and skills development that align with college and career preparation.

Visual Arts
Music and Per Arts
Business and Finance
Health Sciences

Career Exploration

Learn about various careers and occupations and their "fit" with your interests, skills and values. Experiences may include;

  • The identification of occupations

  • The study of Pathways

  • The setting of career goals

  • Integrated classroom projects

  • Participate in Job Shadows

  • Participate in Service Learning

  • Plan post-secondary training and education

  • Complete a Mastery Experience

  • Mentor Program

  • Peer Mentor Program

Career Preparation

Apply learning through practical experience that develops knowledge and skills necessary for success in careers and post-secondary education. Experiences may include;

  • Compete in CTSO events (DECA and TSA clubs)

  • Participate in a School-Based Enterprise 

  • Participate in an Internship experience

  • Complete mandatory clinical experiences

  • Engage in Entrepreneurship

  • Participate in Internships 

  • Register for pre-apprentice experiences


Maryanne Taft

REACH Business & Finance Teacher and School-To-Careers Partnership Coordinator
student in workshop