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Quest Department

Dr. Mary Thompson

Director of Gifted and Talented

Ed Center: 860-561-6607

Karen Kosovsky

Secretary for Quest Department

Ed Center: 860-561-6608

Lindsay Goltzman

Quest Teacher at Braeburn and Bristow Schools

Braeburn: 860-561-2730 Ext. 2730 

Bristow: 860-231-2100 Ext. 2155

Michele Hadlock

Quest Teacher at Charter Oak International Academy

Charter Oak: 860-233-8506 Ext. 2927

Katherine Hardesty

Quest Teacher at Norfeldt, Smith, and Whiting Lane Schools

Norfeldt: 860-233-4421 Ext. 3257

Smith STEM: 860-236-3315 Ext. 3331

Whiting Lane: 860-233-8541 Ext. 3503

Adina Johnson

Quest Teacher at Whiting Lane and King Philip

Whiting Lane: 860-233-8541

King Philip: 860-233-8230 Ext. 2300

Christopher Kueffner

Quest Teacher at Duffy and Webster Hill Schools

Duffy: 860-521-0110 Ext. 3027

Webster Hill: 860-521-0320 Ext. 3405

David Lee

Quest Teacher at Braeburn and Sedgwick

Braeburn: 860-561-2200 Ext. 2702

Sedgwick: 860-570-6500 Ext. 2443

Theresa McKeown

Quest Teacher at Aiken School

Aiken: 860-233-6994 Ext. 2612

Julie O'Reilly

Quest Teacher at King Philip

King Philip: 860-233-8230 Ext. 3027

Elyse Post-Perez

Quest Teacher at Bugbee and Morley Schools

Bugbee: 860-929-5500 Ext. 2834

Morley: 860-233-8535 Ext. 3131

Cheryl Stidolph

Quest Teacher at Norfeldt and Wolcott Schools

Norfeldt: 860-233-4421 Ext. 3214

wolcott: 860-561-2300 Ext. 3671

The Quest Office
50 South Main Street, Room 327
West Hartford, CT 06107
Phone: 860-561-6608
Fax: 860-561-6913