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“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” -Albert Einstein

Math QUEST is an accelerated math program where students are pacing to learn mathematics two years beyond their current placement. The grades 3 and 4 Math QUEST Screening test will take place at all elementary schools the end of March/early April. Assessment results are used to assist in identifying students for Math QUEST. For those students whose results indicate a propensity to experience a very demanding curriculum at a more challenging pace, 3 days of instruction and 2 days of independent work, Math QUEST placement is recommended.

 Math QUEST students interpret ideas through mathematical discourse, and inquiry into numbers, ideas, words, and theory to make and discover meaning through the process of analyzing information and evaluating predictive solutions. In addition to demonstrating mastery of standards, students engage in rich, authentic problem solving strategies that form the basis of an understanding of many real-world mathematical applications. Mathematics beyond the traditional sequence enables creativity that integrates knowledge skills, and a magnitude of understanding.  

 Through progressively more complex problem solving, inquiry and interest, specific tasks are applied according to precise mathematical applications.  Math QUEST responds to students’ academic pacing necessary to ensure the appropriate pacing and level of challenge. A commitment to the depth and breadth of content, along with a commitment to the habits of mind in time management are critical to student's meeting with success.

There is a parent informational meeting about the Math QUEST Program and the screening process in early February. The meeting is announced in school newsletters.  

The Math QUEST placement data is reviewed and discussed by the Math QUEST District Committee comprised of the QUEST Program Director, secondary mathematics department supervisors, Townwide Elementary Math and Science Curriculum Specialist, and Math QUEST teacher representatives.  

Multiple measures for student identification:   

  • Math QUEST placement test  

  • Classroom performance and assessment

  • Teacher recommendation based on the Math Characteristics scale 

  • Standardized measures 

  • InView assessment

  • Task Commitment

  • Math performance task

Math QUEST is provided to meet and challenge the unique needs of the students served. 

Note: If student is new to the district over the summer and after information from previous school has been reviewed by school administration and there is evidence to request a student take the test, the student will be eligible to take the Math QUEST screening test in late August (administered by QUEST staff).

Math QUEST Progression Chart