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Meal Payment

Dear Parent or Guardian,

The balance of your child’s lunch account at the close of school in June will be available to use on the first day of the next school year. Their keypad number is the same as their student ID number. This keypad number will stay with your child throughout their entire stay with West Hartford Public Schools, even when they move to another grade or school. Elementary students will have keypad number cards available in the cafeteria for your child to reference daily. Middle and high school students can obtain their keypad number from the cafeteria manager at the school. This number should not be shared with other students.

If you are new to West Hartford Public Schools or have not prepaid for your child’s lunch in the past, we would encourage you to participate. The system is flexible and accommodates the child who purchases occasionally or on a daily basis. We believe reducing daily cash handling is a benefit to everyone. We have attached a meal payment form for your convenience. The payments should be sent to the school office or school cafeteria. If you have more than one student in the same school you can submit one check. Please make sure to specify how you would like the check applied. If you have students attending different schools you will need to send separate payments to each school. Make checks payable to West Hartford Nutrition Services and write your child’s full name in the memo line. We cannot accept checks under $10.00. You may also pay by credit/debit card by going to http://www.PayPAMS.com. A nominal convenience fee will be charged. Please refer to the attached flier for further explanation and instructions.

When you send in a payment to be applied to your child’s account, the cafeteria will set limits according to your specifications on the meal payment form. You may choose to have your child purchase meals only or set a daily limit. If you choose open, you must specify a daily limit. The daily limit should be the highest amount of any combination of items that you will want your child to purchase on one day. We are not able to limit the number of snacks your child purchases over a period of time. If you choose to pay on-line you will need to contact the school cafeteria to set/change daily limits.

When your payment is received your child will be given their keypad number. If your child moves to another West Hartford School, their account balance will also transfer with them. Your child will enter his/her keypad number in the keypad located next to the cashier after he/she has made his/her lunch choice, the appropriate amount is then deducted from his/her balance. If your child’s account goes into the negative we will send you notification either through our email system or a letter in the mail if you do not have an email address on file. We encourage you to register on http://www.paypams.com to receive low balance email notifications. Paypams is our online payment system which offers several services for FREE including low balance email notifications. You can also check your child’s balance at any time, check what your child is purchasing for meals/snacks and apply for free and reduced meals electronically. It takes 1-2 business days before balances and cafeteria purchases can be displayed for new registrants and it will be from the point you register going forward. These services are all free and you are not required to put money on your child’s account through Paypams to receive these benefits.

Thank you for participating in the West Hartford Nutrition Services lunch program.

Pay PAMS Flyer (pdf) 

Pay PAMS Flyer Spanish version (pdf)


Elementary Schools Payment Information (pdf)

Middle Schools Payment Information (pdf)

High Schools Payment Information (pdf)