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Borrowing Policy

If a student’s meal account becomes depleted, Nutrition Services will still provide a meal of the student’s choice and inform them that they are borrowing money that day to pay for their lunch. Students will be allowed to borrow for three days only at elementary schools, two days at middle schools, and one day only at high schools, and will not be allowed to borrow for snacks or any a la carte items. 

If your child’s account goes into the negative we will send you notification either through our email system or a letter in the mail if you do not have an email address on file. We encourage you to register on http://www.paypams.com to receive low balance email notifications. Paypams is our online payment system which offers several services for FREE including low balance email notifications. You can also check your child’s balance at any time, check what your child is purchasing for meals/snacks and apply for free and reduced meals electronically. It takes 1-2 business days before balances and cafeteria purchases can be displayed for new registrants and it will be from the point you register going forward. These services are all free and you are not required to put money on your child’s account through Paypams to receive these benefits.