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Lesson Ideas

Collections of Ideas by Grade Level:

For Elementary School and Up:

  • AI4K12: site with multiple ideas, grades K-12

  • Code.org’s CS Fundamentals Lesson Ideas: unplugged, with a computer

  • The Hello Ruby Series comes with several embedded ideas for younger children that would best be done with an adult to be sure vocabulary is being practiced

  • This CS4ALL Blueprint has a collection of ideas for multiple grade levels

  • VR2LTch.com: site with ideas for teachers to help PreK and Kindergarten students learn the basics of computer science

For Middle School and Up: 

  • AI4K12: site with multiple ideas, grades K-12

  • MIT’s AIk12 Site: resources, research, and publications

  • CART Summer Camp: lesson Ideas developed by teachers in Fresno Unified School District, California

  • Code.org’s CS Discoveries was created as a standalone course to teach the fundamentals of CS to prepare students for high school CS coursework.

  • Cybersecurity Guide

  • The CS Unplugged Series has recommendations for upper elementary, middle and high school students.  With these activities, all you need is paper, pencil, and an imagination to see how you are using these items to simulate how a computer really works.

  • techguide.org provides detailed information for students who are considering technology-focused careers

  • EV3 Programming Lesson Ideas

For Integration:

Want to learn more or prepare to teach an existing CS class?