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This is a collection of resources that will help support you in your CS journey. Browse, explore, collect, and come back. As we learn more and/or as things change, we will keep updating these pages!

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$5000 Scholarship available for females in Class of 2021 who will major in a STEM, medical/financial or business pathway.

Must have at least a B average in STEM classes and proof of financial need.

HERE is the form to apply!
A virtual program to serve girls, age 10-16, interested in studying the academic areas of STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.
Once monthly after school for a four-month period, STEAMgirls participants meet and speak with accomplished young women, learning about their successes.  Speakers are women in all areas of STEAM; providing young girls with knowledge that may ignite their passion for the future. 
More information is available HERE.