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West Hartford Esports League Update

This was Hall and Conard High School's first year competing in Esports.  Hall HS Advisor Sebastian Fortuna and Conard HS Advisor Noah Mealy worked hard this year to bring this new form of competition to our schools. 

According to this We-Ha article, “A student doesn’t have to be a 6-3 linebacker, he or she doesn’t have to be lightning fast, he or she doesn’t have to have a physical advantage over anyone else,” .... “Anybody can pick up a controller and play. It doesn’t matter your race, size, gender, anything. … Every kid – no matter what background you come from – everyone gets to participate, everyone gets to play, it’s truly inclusive and equitable.”

Hall HS won a grant this past year to build gaming PC's for their students.  Conard is hoping to find a way to do the same.

In the meantime, these students can look back at 2020-21 and remember that they brought a new form of competition to their schools!  Congratulations!

For more information or to join, email Mr. Mealy (Noah_Mealy@whps.org) at Conard or Mr. Fortuna (Sebastian_Fortuna@whps.org) at Hall.



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