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MS/HS Partnership Coding Challenge Celebration on 5/5


In late January, the Lieutenant Governor’s Coding Challenge was offered to any student, grades 3-12, to complete.  Students could participate in the contest with an idea, a prototype, or a fully developed application.   The only requirement is that the topic needed to serve a social good.  

West Hartford Public Schools Computer Science created a MS/HS mentoring program to help support middle school students toward completing the challenge.  Starting in mid-March, MS teachers and counselors recruited creative middle school students who might want to participate in the coding challenge.  In addition, HS CS teachers from both Hall and Conard recruited mentors.  In total, fourteen (14) HS mentors from AP CS A and AP CS Principles courses at Hall and Conard HS volunteered their time to mentor fourteen (14) MS students to help them complete the coding challenge.  

Both MS and HS students wished the partnership could have lasted longer, but 100% of attendees and parents recommended this as a great experience.  

The Lieutenant Governor’s Coding Challenge MS/HS Partnership concluded on Wednesday May 5 with a celebration of the ideas that each MS student brought to the competition.  Here are a few images from the partnership.

Special thanks to the HS Coaches: Mia Burns, Owen Brown, Rohan Venkatesh, Ben Davis, Loc Tran, Max Rothfarb, Emily Aubrey, Serena Van der Hulst, Zoe Weissman, Alex Hu, Pranav Binoj, Gabrielle Longman, Purit Butsapek, and Mason Capone.  


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