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III. Public Comment

This plan is a product of many voices and includes the input of teachers, parents, students, and other valued stakeholders. In planning for school reopening, a framework for stakeholder outreach and communication has been developed and includes measures for reaching and communicating the district plan to families for full, safe and equitable in-person and remote learning participation. Outreach and communication to parents/caregivers utilizes family engagement strategies acquired from our Welcoming School Assessment and multimodal approaches for a two-way feedback loop. We will continue to actively seek public comment and input into our plan and approaches for both the summer and the upcoming school year. Efforts and resources include: soliciting feedback from existing stakeholder groups; a prominent and dedicated Reopening Schools webpage; print media reopening schools news feature stories; Board of Education Meeting Updates; local access television with online on-demand replay; school messenger phone, email and text messaging systems that deliver mass volume multi-lingual messages at rapid rates; and information videos that educate and model important health and safety protocols, safe school climate measures, and expectations for the new school year. Outreach and communication will extend reach to families directly from principals for community-building engagement in the implementation of the plan.