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Our Mission is to inspire and prepare all students to realize their potential and enhance our global community.


34 Highland Street
West Hartford, CT 06119
Phone: 860-231-2100
Fax: 860-231-2107

Steven J. Cook, Principal 

Bristow Quest

Email: John Carpenter

WHPS Quest Page

Program Overview
Research on human abilities by Robert Sternberg, Joseph Renzulli, Benjamin Bloom, Howard Gardner, and Calvin Taylor clearly and unequivocally demonstrates the need for a broader definition of giftedness and more flexible student selection procedures. The research also shows that creative, productive accomplishments, or gifted behavior, requires the interaction of three characteristics:

- Above average ability

- Task commitment

The students are provided three types of experiences. General exploratory lessons probe the depth and breadth of human knowledge. Skills or process training necessary for independent learning are given in a problem or game-like setting. Finally, an opportunity for more in-depth learning experiences are provided during independent investigations based upon students’ academic needs, interest, and motivations. These experiences touch all the students in all the classrooms through after-school activities, guest speakers, performances, field trips, music program, honor classes, unified arts opportunities, and activities that differentiate instruction.

The mission of the QuEST Program is to ensure that all students have an opportunity to develop their unique gifts and talents by creating a learning environment that encourages students to:

Question the world around them

Understand the need to learn and grow

Explore the past, present, and future

Search for solutions and meaning

Think creatively and critically

Primary Goals
- To create an instructional environment which encourages the development and

demonstration of gifted behaviors

- To create an instructional environment which encourages the development and demonstration of gifted behaviors

- To provide on-going student assessment and identification

- To integrate gifted programming strategies into the regular classroom


- To provide all students with opportunities, experiences, and resources by enriching the regular curriculum and by enhancing student interests and intellectual curiosity - To provide opportunities for students to explore academic talents and interest through independent investigative work and to create high level products that incorporate their knowledge, skill, and expertise.

- To create a school-wide learning environment that encourages the development and demonstration of students’ creative and critical thinking skills.

- To promote continuous growth of the professional staff in the area of gifted education with an emphasis on the differentiation of curriculum in the regular classroom

- To develop and maintain recognition of the needs, abilities, and interests of high ability students by communicating with the faculty, administration, student body, parents, and community

Program Coordinator, Dr. Nancy Eastlake
(860) 561-6607

West Hartford Public Schools

50 South Main St, West Hartford, CT  06107

T: 860-561-6600

F: 860-561-6910

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