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Our Mission is to inspire and prepare all students to realize their potential and enhance our global community.

Program of Studies
for the 2017 - 2018 School Year

District Performance Standards 

The State testing program outlines requirements for high schools to measure students’ performances in reading, writing, mathematics, and science through standardized testing, inclusive of performance tasks in which students apply both content knowledge and skills. The State testing program identifies the grade levels and format of testing. The results of State testing are connected with the performance assessment graduation requirements. Students who meet the state benchmarks for college and career readiness will have evidence of this achievement recorded on the test record component of their high school transcript.


A. Literacy: Students shall, prior to the completion of their senior year, produce an essay based upon an assigned reading that is focused, organized, elaborated and edited for Standard English conventions.

B. Math: Students shall, prior to the completion of their senior year, demonstrate an ability to perform mathematical operations, to include working with fractions and decimals, in order to solve multi-step problems. Certain tasks will either require students to explain their procedures or justify answers in writing.

C. Science: Students shall, prior to the completion of their senior year, demonstrate an ability to perform science investigational skills and competencies.

D. Technology: Students shall, prior to completion of their senior year, demonstrate technology competency through discipline-specific learning. Students will create innovative products or projects using digital tools to express original ideas.


Meeting the District Performance Standards

A. The primary means for students to meet the District Performance Standards in reading, writing, mathematics and science will be through participation and performance on state assessments that feature rigorous performance measures aligned to the district standards.  Students who have taken the relevant state assessments for literacy, mathematics or science and earned the corresponding district college and career reading benchmark score, will be considered to have met the relevant standard.  Commencing with the graduating class of 2017, the state will replace its historical literacy and mathematics state assessment with College Board’s SAT.  Pursuant with CT General Statutes, all juniors are required to take the school-day administration of the SAT as the mandatory state assessment of reading, writing, and mathematics (regardless of any previous or future administration of the SAT undertaken individually by the student). West Hartford will follow state guidance relative to college and career ready benchmark scores necessary to demonstrate the district performance standards for graduation. Students will receive additional information regarding benchmarks as they become available from the state.  In order to meet the district performance standard for technology, students must complete all items on the technology competency checklist, as certified by professional staff.


 B. If a student does not meet the district performance standards on the relevant state assessment or does not complete all items on the technology competency checklist, the district will provide other options in either the junior or senior year.  Such options may include reassessment on state measures, assessment on district measures, and/or intensive remediation and support.  Specific alternatives vary based on the subject area and individual student circumstances.


Failure to Meet the Graduation Requirements


If a senior is not eligible for graduation with the class due to failure to meet the graduation credit requirements and/or performance standards, then the student may:

A. enroll in summer school and meet the requirements or

B. enroll in courses pre-approved by the administration and meet the requirement or

C. make special arrangements for re-testing to meet the performance standard as outlined in section I or

D. return to high school as a fifth year student and meet the requirements




Students in jeopardy of not graduating due to failure of meeting the graduation requirements and/or performance standards, will be formally notified in writing of their status by the administration. Parents/guardians will also be notified. The notification will occur at the end of each semester beginning in January of the student’s junior year.


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