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Our Mission is to inspire and prepare all students to realize their potential and enhance our global community.


100 King Philip Drive
West Hartford, CT 06117
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Joy Wright, Principal 

Character Counts

Responsible students demonstrate:
  • Perseverance-sticking to an activity even if it’s hard or takes along time; not giving up or quitting before you have finished even if others have; picking yourself up even if you know you won’t win.
  • Trustworthiness-doing what is right so people can depend on you;doing what you say you will do in the time you say you will do it;keeping your word and promises;earning people’s trust, so they can count on you
  • Responsibility-being accountable for your words and actions

Respectful students demonstrate:

  • Caring-showing understanding for the needs of others; doing what you can to make others feel good;being kind, giving and thoughtful; putting people’s needs before your own
  • Self Discipline-having control over your emotions, words and actions;thinking before you speak or act;taking good care of yourself and your body;making safe, kind and respectful choices

Good citizens demonstrate:

  • Integrity-doing what is right even if it is difficult; standing up for what you believe in; showing confidence in doing right even when others are doing wrong;keeping your word and doing what you promise you will do
  • Fairness-making sure that others are treated as you would want to be treated;playing by the rules so everyone is treated the same;taking turns, sharing & listening to others without interrupting;recognizing that age and responsibility allow different rights.
  • Honesty-always telling the truth no matter how difficult it might be;not taking things that do not belong to you without asking permission;returning things that belong to others;doing your own work and not look at other students’ answers



Thank you to designer Erik Carlson for the KP Rooted & Big Rocks logos! 


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