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Ryan Cleary, Principal 

Welcome to the Character Traits in Action page!  This is a place where community members can share a time when they see Morley Students using their character traits to make the Morley Community better!  Please take a moment to submit a short explanation of a time you saw a Morley Student use a character trait outside of school in the space below.


Example:  My friend showed his kindness when he asked someone to play at recess yesterday.  He noticed that she was on the buddy bench and he invited her to play kickball!



Click on the tabs below to read about how Morley Students are using their 6 Character Traits (Kindess, Caring, Fairness, Responsibility, Respect, and Citizenship) outside of school and making our community a better place!





Today one student said to another, "Of course you can use my markers!  There are lots of them, help yourself."
-Submitted by a teacher, 9/28/18
"I brought my children to play at Morley last Sunday.  One student arrived with his dad on his powerwheels tracker.  My kids did not ask but the student offered to share his powerwheels the whole time we were there.  Thank you!"
-Submitted by a Morley Community Member, 9/28/18
"I tried to put something in the trash but it didn't make it so a friend picked it up and threw it away for me."
-Submitted by a student, 9/27/18
"After indoor recess today, third grade students were so kind as they helped one another clean up when recess was over even if the "mess" was not their own. So lovely to see!"
-Submitted by an adult observer, 9/25/18
"I saw someone accidentally knock someone's desk and then someone else who didn't even do it came over to help."
-Submitted by a student, 9/25/18
"Today at recess two 2nd graders noticed that a friend was having a hard time.  So, they invited him to play soccer, offered to help find him someone to play with, and helped him invent a game too.  It was so kind of them to make the student feel better!"
-Submitted by a teacher, 9/24/18
"I saw somebody pick up a clipboard when another student dropped it!"
-Submitted by a student, 9/24/18
"One of the boys in my room helped a girl find the smartboard remote control."
-Submitted by a student, 9/18/18
"A 4th grader showed kindness during indoor recess the other day. After a Lego bin accidentally tipped over, he stopped what he was doing and immediately jumped in to help!"
"I spied a student picking up someone else's water bottle that had fallen on the floor.  How kind!  I was just as impressed when the other student said, 'thank you!'  Such great decorum."
-Submitted by a proud teacher, 9/12/18


"Even though we're coming to the end of the month of October and our focus on the character trait of caring, children are still showing how they care for one another. Here are a few recent examples:
  • Someone at recess was cold. Another student wasn't using her jacket so she gave the jacket to her cold friend.
  • Someone's necklace at recess was broken and a classmate took the time to try to help fix the necklace.
  • After painting in the classroom, a student, without being asked, cleaned out all the paint containers for the teacher.
  • When a classmate accidentally dropped a book, another classmate didn't think twice and bent down to help.

It feels good to care about one another."

-Submitted by a teacher, 10/29/18

"Since we are looking for caring people, let me tell you this story. Somebody was being rude at recess and I cried. Someone who was playing soccer saw me crying and they invited me to play. Now that's caring!"
-Submitted by a student, 10/25/18
"I saw someone help a girl that fell at recess. That's caring! And a girl in our class picked up a water bottle that was about to fall. Someone could have been hurt. That's caring!"
-Submitted by a student, 10/22/18
"Since we care so much about those less fortunate, a student donated $5 of his own money from his piggy bank to our collection for the backpack brigade. Students are learning how to recycle cans and donate the money to our annual backpack collection. We care about our community and the environment!"
-Submitted by a teacher, 10/22/18
"At recess today I got out of the game I was playing.  One of my friends gave me a shot to get back in, and I made it and got to play more!  I know he cared about me when he gave me another chance."
-Submitted by a student, 10/17/18
"When students in my class expressed a concern about not having some of the materials needed for an upcoming project, one of my students and her mother went to the store that evening and purchased a class set of the material we all needed. Now that's really caring about your classmates as well as being a very generous family."
-Submitted by a teacher, 10/11/18
"I read a book to a younger girl at recess today.  My teacher said 'That's what caring looks like.'"
-Submitted by a student, 10/10/18
"It was really nice to see a third grader playing pass and catch football with younger students at recess yesterday. This student was really encouraging to the younger players and did not dominate the game so everyone seemed to enjoy themselves."
-Submitted by a teacher, 10/4/18
"I know my friend cares about me because I fell down on the blacktop at recess and he walked me to the nurse."
-Submitted by a student, 10/4/18
"I saw someone help someone clean up the LEGOS at stations today.  That shows they care about keeping the classroom clean."
-Submitted by a student, 10/3/18


"We couldn't have our water bottles in the class anymore cause we were not safe with them.  We can bring them back in now so we have a chance to do better. That is fair."
-Submitted by a student, 11/20/18


"This morning I saw a 5th grader walk his sister into school.  He helped her come up the stairs.  It was really nice and responsible."
-Submitted by a student, 3/7/19


Coming soon!


"Mr. Downey's class threw Mrs. Fuss a surprise birthday party and decorated her office to help her celebrate."
-Submitted by a student, 11/8/18

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