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Our Mission is to inspire and prepare all students to realize their potential and enhance our global community.


110 Beechwood Road
West Hartford, CT 06107
Phone: 860-231-5000
Fax: 860-521-6699

Julio Duarte, Principal 

Parent FAQ's

QUESTION: I heard that my neighbor received a Connect-ED call. I didn't receive it. Why?
ANSWER: Ask the parent for the home phone number and compare that number to the number that you have in your account. If it is different, update the number in your Student Information System (SIS) and the information will be automatically updated in the Connect-ED system in the next data upload. If the number is accurate in both the SIS and Connect-ED, take a look at the summary of that call in the Log tab to see if the number is listed as undeliverable. Perhaps it is listed with a status of answering machine, fax/modem or busy.

QUESTION: I do not have any affiliation with this school. Can you stop calling me?
ANSWER: Take down the person's number and check to see if it is listed in the Connect-ED database by searching for it in the Contacts tab. If you find that one of your contacts has this number listed as their own, you should contact this person, obtain his/her correct phone number, and update your Student Information System. If you are unable to obtain a correct number right away, you may want to use a temporary placeholder number such as 999-9999.

QUESTION: I received the call but I missed the information. What should I do?
ANSWER: While you are still on the call, you can replay the message by pressing star (*) on your phone at any time. Additionally, a Connect-ED user can always listen to the message from the Log tab and explain the message to the parent.

QUESTION: I received the call but my answering machine cut it off. Why?
ANSWER: The system attempts to detect whether it is a live person or and answering machine that has picked up the call. In rare instances, such as when an answering machine message contains a period of silence, the system will detect an answering machine as a live person and start to deliver the message prior to the beep. Sometimes, a message is cut off by an answering machine simply because its duration is longer than the machine allows for a single message. Generally an answering machine will cut off a message after one minute. By keeping messages under one minute, we can minimize the chances of messages not delivering in full.

QUESTION: I received the call on my cell phone but it kept looping/repeating. Why?
ANSWER: The system does its best to detect whether there is a live person or an answering machine picking up the call. Sometimes when there is ambient noise, the system inappropriately detects a live person as an answering machine. When this happens, it continues to wait for the answering machine's beep followed by a brief moment of silence before starting to play the message from the beginning. The parent can prevent the message from looping by minimizing background noise or pressing mute on the phone.

QUESTION: I want my calls to go to two different numbers. How can I make sure they do?
ANSWER: You can do this by directing the "additional phone" dropdown to another existing number in the Contacts area of your Connect-ED account. A number designated as additional phone will receive all Community Outreach, Single Survey and Attendance Notifications.

QUESTION:  Will there be other attempts to reach me if I am unable to pick up the call?
ANSWER: Yes, the system will make a total of three attempts to reach you or your answering machine. If it is unable to reach you within two hours it will stop calling and list the reason the message was undeliverable.


West Hartford Public Schools

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