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Our Mission is to inspire and prepare all students to realize their potential and enhance our global community.


35 Barksdale Rd.
West Hartford, CT 06117
Phone: 860-233-4421
Fax: 860-232-4732

Jennifer Derick, Principal 

Pupil Services

Pupil Services

Norfeldt School is home to one of West Hartford Public Schools' Townwide Pupil Services Programs for students with moderate to severe disabilities. Students from all over the Town of West Hartford come to Norfeldt School where we have created a unique environment for students with disabilities. All students are embraced and included to the fullest extent possible throughout the school day with typical peers. Pupil Services Staff


Pupil Services Supervisor                                                Phone Number/Ext.      Email Address
Mrs. Lynn Griswold                                                          860-561-6606               lynn_griswold@whps.org


Learning Center Teacher Kindergarten and Grade 1     Phone Number/ Ext.      Email Address
Mrs. Celeste Higgins                                                       3215                              celeste_higgins@whps.org


Learning Center Teacher Grade 2                                 Phone Number/Ext.       Email Address

Mrs. Michelle Lacroix                                                      3260                             michelle_lacroix@whps.org

Learning Center Teacher Grades 3                               Phone Number/Ext.       Email Address
Mrs. Jenna Santangelo                                                  3216                              jenna_santangelo@whps.org

Learning Center Teachers Grades 3, 4 and 5               Phone Number/Ext.       Email Address
Mrs. Trudy Davis                                                           3259                               trudy_davis@whps.org
Mrs. Jeanne DiGiacomo                                                3241                              jeanne_digiacomo@whps.org

Speech and Language Consultants                               Phone Number/ Ext.     Email Address
Ms. Monica McDermott                                                  3252                             monica_mcdermott@whps.org

Ms. Emily Levy Part Time                                              3208                              emily_levy@whps.org

Social Worker Part Time                                                Phone Number/Ext.      Email Address

Mrs. Jennifer Hudner                                                                                          jennifer_hudner@whps.org

School Psychologist                                                       Phone Number/Ext.      Email Address
Mrs. Mary Messier                                                         5711                             mary_messier@whps.org

Physical Therapist Part Time                                         Phone Number/Ext.      Email Address
Mrs. Tess Dagenais                                                      3225                              tess_dagenais@whps.org

Occupational Therapist Part Time                                 Phone Number/Ext.      Email Address
Mrs. Liz Pollack                                                             3222                              liz_pollack@whps.org


West Hartford Public Schools

50 South Main St, West Hartford, CT  06107

T: 860-561-6600

F: 860-561-6910

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