PowerSchool Information
Three years ago, the West Hartford Public Schools began using a new student information system called PowerSchool. As we have integrated more and more features of the program into use, we have had time to identify operating issues and any difficulties that arise. We are pleased that a pilot of the Parent Portal feature began on Monday, April 25, 2011, for the parents/guardians of our grade 6-12 students. This Parent Portal is an integrated tool that allows parents to use any computer with Internet access to view specific information about their children, including items such as attendance, assignments, and grades. We believe that this tool will further enhance the communication between parents and teachers. Parents who do not have Internet access at home can visit any branch of the West Hartford Public Library. 

Please discuss any grading issues or concerns about students with your child’s teacher directly, and allow teachers time to respond. We believe that this will be an effective communication tool for everyone. The parent and school partnership is vital in educating all of our children; this tool will aid you in discussing your child’s progress directly with them in a meaningful way.

Parent Portal address:  https://powerschool.whps.org/

Parent Letter from Assistant Superintendent for Administration 

Instructions if you forget your username or password

Instructions for accessing information and adding a child to an existing account

Instructions for Secondary School Students using the Portal

High School Course Request Instructions for the 2014-2015 School Year

Parent Letter from Assistant Superintendent for Administration (Spanish) 

Instructions for setting up your account (Spanish)

Introductory page (Spanish)

Parent Instructions (Spanish)

Student Instructions (Spanish)